Sample Uses


VISION-RL - Fixed Wide Area Surveillance


VISION-RL Wide Area Motion Imagery brings a new level of capability for those that need to monitor expansive areas.  


When configured for maximum coverage, VISION-RL provides 190 degrees of panoramic views of areas as large as 20 square kilometers - continously, and in full color.    Resolution for the base camera is 1/2 meter througout the image and can be supplemented with one or more high resolution spotter cameras.  Spotter cameras are highly configurable, to provide you with close in coverage of areas of interest.


Key apoplications for VISION-RL include:

  • Airport Surveillance

  • Border Surveillance

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Port Security

  • Public Safety

  • Traffic Analysis

Sample Use: Border Surveillance


With its constant on, constant looking stance, VISION-RL is well suited to monitor borders and border crossings.


In this example, a river serves as a border and the area of interest lies along the river bank. VISION-RL is configured with a 70 degree field of vision and longer lenses along with a high resolution spotter camera.


With a single console, an analyst viewing the river bank is able to see multiple targets of interest, assess their intent, and advise border patrol to be "on-the-lookout" for illegal border crossings.


VISION-RL provides the ability to monitor large expanses with ease and at a more affordable price point than traditional ground based pan, tilt, and zoom cameras.

Sample Use:  Airport Security


Airports are tough places to monitor.  Unauthorized access through perimeter gates, trespassers, robberies, illegal entries aircraft security  are a few of the things limited airport security staffs are charged with monitoring.   It's a herculean task for anyone.


Typical video security solutions places individual cameras in hundreds of places to watch key areas.   Often these cameras aren't able to see a suspicious event because they  are easily defeated by suspects staying out of the view of the camera.  Not only that but the security staff has to choose to look at the right camera at the right time, another daunting task.


VISION-RL changes this by providing either 190 degrees of coverage or, when mounted back-to-back, 360 degrees of coverage of an entire airport.   Perimeters are monitored, secure cargo containers are watched, VIP areas are secured and all activity within the airport grounds are covered and recorded from a single console.  That's Capability.

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