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Academy Business Breakfast

Reunion Classes of, 67, 87, 97

22-24 Sept 2022

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  • 5 years ago a chance meeting at our reunion led to partnership opportunity between two classmates’ companies that led to a multimillion dollar development opportunity neither company would have been able to do without the other.

  • These partnerships and opportunities should not be left to a chance meeting at a bar during reunion but should be enhanced, encouraged, and promoted.

  • The Academy Business Breakfast is intended to provide an opportunity to meet other graduates who have companies or are leaders in their companies and want to develop professional relationships with other now older classmates.

  • This is a time where it is encouraged to talk business and business opportunities without feeling guilty.

Event Details


 Arnold Hall Ball Room


Suggested prior to academy briefing by academy leaders

typically held Friday morning

Check final schedule

Business cards - a must – because some of us can never remember stuff

It is ok to talk about business and business opportunities without feeling guilty.

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Booklet/Handout Template

Image by Richard R. Schünemann
Image by Vishu
  • 8 ½ x 5 ½ inch booklet

  • 1 page per company

  • Short company overview

  • Name and picture of person representing (so they can find you to talk with you )

  • Contact information (so others can find you afterwards)

  • Areas of interest and info you want to get out 

    • Hiring openings (if known)

    • Type of available positions

    • Partnering Opportunities - what type of partner you are looking for

    • Marketing – Reps needed in areas

    • Looking for contracts in various areas…

Demo And Displays FAQ's

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  • Can people bring demos or product or company displays?

    • Yes, if you want but remember it is also just an hour and you have to bring it to the reunion, set it up prior and take it down afterwards

    • A simple pull-up display that you can return to your car prior to the academy briefings would likely be best.

  • People could set up small table for monitor and laptops if people are interested. Recommend a loop so you can interact with people.

  • You can bring traditional marketing bling to hand out if interested

    • Nerf footballs or cheese squares encouraged ;-)

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POC: Ross McNutt
AFR, Felicia and Michele
719-472-0300, ext 139

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