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Our commercial efforts are geared towards natural and man-made disaster relief, such as helping to route supply chains and evacuation routes, providing data for search and rescue operations, assessing damage to infrastructure, supplies, and other areas affected. In addition, PSS has supported traffic management, event coordination, insurance claims, and hedge-fund projects.


PSS offers a wide range of commercial services. Please contact us below for more information.


PSS is proud to support the military in its fight against illegal gun, drug, and human trafficking, as well as other missions that keep our nation safe. Support includes both systems and equipment, as well as collaborative workshops to assist in the development of technology.


PSS systems are highly configurable to meet operation specific requirements.


To learn more about our systems, please visit our technology page or contact us below.

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PSS supports international operations on a wide variety of mission types including assisting local Law Enforcement, inter-agency collaborations, industry data collection, and wildlife management & protection efforts.


Please contact our Global Missions team below for more information.

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