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Everything we do is built on a commitment to be ethically responsible and empower positive change. We live this everyday through our employees who embody our mission, vision, and values as they help our customers to accomplish critical missions on the frontlines of complex global issues.


Provide unparalleled capabilities and support systems to our customers that inform data-driven decisions based on factual data.

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Become the global leader in wide area imaging systems that solve even the most demanding of challenges.

Foster an environment in the workplace that values and promotes creativity & growth, innovation, and diversity & inclusion.



Is using ethics & transparency as the guiding principles of our actions and decision-making. We will not sacrifice our integrity to achieve business objectives.


Is being receptive to input and working as a team to proactively engage in and achieve shared objectives. We are committed to the success of our people, our customers, and our communities.


Is doing what we say and taking accountability for the quality and delivery of our results. We will work tirelessly to achieve success for our customers.


Is dedication to innovation and flexibility as we seek to provide solutions to address our global and community issues. We aim to be creative and resilient in the face of the most daunting challenges.

Diversity & Inclusion

Is valuing diversity and fostering safe and inclusive environments that treat everyone with respect, provide equal opportunities, and welcome all contributions. We aim to support and nurture our unique employees that represent the varied global perspectives of the communities we serve.

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