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VISION-RL™ Wide Area Motion Imagery brings a new level of capability for those that need to monitor expansive areas simultaneously.

When configured for maximum coverage, VISION-RL™ provides 190 degrees of panoramic views of areas as large as 20 square miles continuously and in full color. Resolution for the base camera is ½ meter throughout the image and can be supplemented with one or more high-resolution spotter cameras. Spotter cameras are highly configurable to provide you with close in-coverage imagery of specific areas of interest within VISION-RL™ views.


Resolution Matters. Without it, the value of a wide-area imaging system diminishes rapidly, but with it, the ability to provide real-time support and enhanced success outcomes improves dramatically.

Image by Cody Fitzgerald

The HawkEye II™ is a 192-million pixel, full-color, geo- and ortho-rectified airborne sensor that has a ½ meter resolution throughout its 64 km2 coverage area. This gives your team the ability to monitor events on the ground wherever they are in the imagery data. The HawkEye II™ is intended to see expansive areas with resolutions that allow users to detect movement of people and vehicles without being able to detect Personally-Identifying Information (PII) – such as gender, ethnicity, age, and hair color – or to be used for facial recognition. This is an inherent limit to these sensors intentionally designed to protect individual privacy. If cameras get better – and they will – the same resolution limits will remain in place, and the change will take place in the size of the coverage area.



NightHawk II™ provide nighttime wide-area imaging capability with persistence coverage of areas as large as 4 square kilometers. NightHawk II™ can be configured as a multi-spectral imager. Users can opt for a system configured with EO, SWIR, and NIR capabilities.

PSS uses industry-leading UTC Sensors Unlimited short wave infrared (SWIR) cameras to extend vision into wavebands normally invisible to the eye and other types of thermal imaging. These near and shortwave IR images reveal details in clear, lifelike form.


Matched components make the difference between a good system and a great, sustainable system. PSS engineers each component to work perfectly together.

STANDARD – Supplied with HawkEye II™, NightHawk II™, and VISION-RL™

Image Processing Unit

iView™ Exploitation Toolkit


Fixed Command Centers

Mobile Command Centers

High-Speed Data Communications

Image Presentation & Storage Server



PSS imaging sensors are designed to integrate with existing infrastructure and tools for quick and efficient analysis of all available data.

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