Support Systems

Matched components make the difference between a good system and a great, sustainable system.   PSS engineers each component to work perfectly together

STANDARD - Supplied with HawkEye, NightHawk, and Vision-RL

Image Processing Unit - IPU


The PSS Wide Area Surveillance Image Processor is designed and built with speed, performance, durability, and endurance in mind. It has to be; it is the brains behind PSS’s Airborne Wide Area Surveillance Systems whether it is supporting HawkEye I™, HawkEye II™, NightHawk™ or VISION RL™. The PSS Airborne Image Processing Unit is responsible for receiving feeds from the sensor, geo and ortho rectifying the image data, stitching imagery together, compressing it, storing it locally, and transmitting the resultant imagery to the analyst in the aircraft and on the ground while operating in “real-time” mode.

iView - Image Exploitation Toolkit


PSS’s iView Image Exploitation Software was designed and developed by PSS to provide Analysts with a powerful tool to receive and analyze data feeds from PSS HawkEye II Wide Area Airborne Surveillance systems, PSS Vision RL fixed Wide Area Surveillance systems, and/or a variety of other image sensors whether provided by PSS or other vendors.


In addition to providing imagery for analysis, PSS iView can also receive feeds from a variety of XML based sensors to alert analysts of other events in their coverage area. Feeds from ground based vibration sensors, acoustic gunshot location sensors, and automated license plate readers are just a sampling of what iView can integrate.


Fixed Command Centers


Everything comes together in the PSS command center. PSS provides high powered, dual monitor image exploitation workstations for the analysts. Combined with the data communications link from the aircraft, PSS storage sever, data projectors and screens, and a private LAN, customers can take full advantage or real-time and forensic data.


With PSS’s powerful iView™ software, mission commanders can monitor and direct the efforts of the analysts and record all events being investigated. When other sensors are integrated (available for most IP / XML sensors such as ALPRs, PTZ cameras, and acoustic gunshot detection systems) the analyst has something most other systems miss…. the complete picture.

Mobile Command Centers


PSS offers complete mobile command centers in a variety of configurations and on a variety of platforms to support HawkEye II and Vision RL Wide Area Surveillance missions.


  • Mobile Command Trailers: Base mobile systems can be deployed in trailers of many types and sizes offering space for four or more analysts with space for briefings


  • Highly Mobile Command Vehicles: Configurable in panel vans supporting four analysts to full service mobile command centers with space for briefings, mission planning, and image exploitation.

High-Speed Data Communications - 300 mbps


The PSS Secure Data Communication systems offers a compact, low power airborne system consisting of high gain antennas, automated tracking gimbaled systems, very high bandwidths - up to 237 megabits per second downlink with a single link - decent range (up to 20 miles with graceful degradation), and automatic frequency switching with an encryption option.


A variety of frequency bands are available from unlicensed 5.4 and 5.8 GHz, or Public safety 4.9 GHz, High bandwidth efficiency with dynamic frequency selection or selectable channel setting minimizes interference from and to others. Multichannel options for higher bandwidths are available.

Image Presentation and Storage Server - IPSS


PSS Image Storage Server is an Image Server for “Real-Time” and Forensic Investigations and a Storage Server,


Storing up to 180 Days of Data in its base configuration, the PSS Image Storage Server is an optimized system built to meet the demands of the Image Exploitation Analyst.  Supporting up to 30 continuous users, the system not only serves up images, but also retains historical information about investigations and audit data to review analysts work.


Other embedded services can be provided including: PSS Locate, Map Server, GIS Information, Incident Based Information Tracks, Imagery, and Records.

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