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HawkEye II EO™

Airborne Wide Area Imaging


Resolution Matters. Without it, the value of a wide-area imaging system diminished rapidly, but with it, the ability to provide real-time support and enhanced success outcomes improves dramatically. The HawkEye II™ is a 192-million pixel, full-color, geo- and ortho-rectified airborne sensor that has a ½ meter resolution throughout its 64 km2 coverage area. This gives your team the ability to monitor events on the ground wherever they are in the imagery data.


The HawkEye II™ is intended to see expansive areas with resolutions that allow users to detect movement of people and vehicles without being able to detect Personally-Identifying Information (PII) – such as gender, ethnicity, age, and hair color – or to be used for facial recognition. This is an inherent limit to these sensors intentionally designed to protect individual privacy. If cameras get better – and they will – the same resolution limits will remain in place, and the change will take place in the size of the coverage area.

The HawkEye II™ Wide Area Motion Imagery sensor is a highly capable system. The base configuration consists of twelve full-color cameras, an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and a two-axis Universal Mount. The Universal Mount system is designed to look out from already existing plane baggage doors.


The MotoPOD variant has been developed to be placed in a pod, in a look-down orientation. This system provides the same capability as the Universal system but at a much lower wight cost. The HawkEye II™ POD system comes in at 87 lbs. versus the 227 lbs. of the Universal Mount system.

When coupled with our 300 Mbps data link, image presentation & storage server, and iView™ – PSS’s image exploitation software – users have the near real-time (up to 3 seconds delay) ability to view all events occurring in the coverage area.


To put this in perspective, how much more efficient emergency response to a major disaster would be if the entire extent of the damage could be seen in one unified view? Critical and limited assets could be vectored to the areas of need more efficiently, saving minutes or hours for those needing critical attention.


Key Applications

Disaster Assessment


Emergency Response


Border Security


Public Safety


HawkEye II™ Universal Mount

The basic mount includes the HawkEye II™ sensor, an Inertial Measurement Unit, and a two-axis Gimbal. Options for the system included a 300 Mbps air-to-ground data link, and a mount for a single camera ball up to 15 inches.


HawkEye II™ MotoPOD Mount

This is our most feature-rich mount system. The MotoPOD system mount was designed for a Cirrus SR-22 but can easily be modified to fit a variety of other aircraft or aerostats. 


The MotoPOD system is designed to carry the HawkEye II sensor and, optionally, a 300 Mbps air-to-ground data link, three 7-inch camera balls, two 10-inch camera balls, or one 15-inch camera ball in one package. Total weight when fully configured is less than 350 lbs.


HawkEye II™ Custom Mount

If the above standard mounts don’t fit with your equipment, we can design a custom system whether that means a custom mount, a different set of look angles, or any other combination of items to meet your mission needs.


We are well versed in Rapid Design, Manufacture, and Test. Please contact us for more information.

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