Sample Coverage - Airport

PSS's VISION-RL Fixed Wide Area Surveillance system brings a new capability to airports wanting to monitor 100% of their perimeter and interior spaces.


Traditional solutions have been to purchase and install costly ground based pan, tilt, zoom cameras to cover most likely problem areas.  This often results in cramped security centers because of the equipment load and the often quoted " I have 27 cameras but they are never pointing in the right direction!"


VISION-RL changes the approach video surveillance by providing a single sensor installation to monitor and recored large areas at once. 


With a variety of customizations, VISION-RL can be configured to provide up to 190 degrees of persistent coverage of an area as large as 25 square kilometers with 1/2 meter resolution throughout.

Example coverage of an International Airport with a single Vision RL system and 800 mm Spotter camera mounted to base of system.

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