PSS Traffic Impact Studies provides an affordable, rapid result, high quality survey analysis for high traffic, commercial, and residential studies.

Persistent Surveillance System's HawkEye II wide area surveillance system is used to conduct Traffic Analysis studies over small, medium, and large survey sites.  A key compoent of PSS Traffic Analysis is iView, PSS's robust software suite that give analysts the power to quickly analyze traffic targets and traffic flows.

PSS Traffic Studies


Collect wide area data to analyze and extract information for various types of traffic surveys including:


-  Origin/Destination

-  Turning Movement Counts

-  Volume Counts

-  Classification Counts

-  Traffic Light Queue Lengths

-  Vehicle Speed


Provide field traffic data collection of large intersections and road networks.


Provide detailed analysis of traffic patterns and driver behaviors through targeted road networks.


Before and after comparison results can be used in future projections of traffic management research and planning.


The advanced findings of our services result in cost effective benefits in comparison to convention technologies.


That's because our sensors can see more, record it all, and fly low cost manned aircraft for longer durations than helicopters or drones.


Contact us to have a discussion about how we can meet your your needs both technically and within your budget.

PSS Traffic Analysis



PSS provides key services:


  • Origin-Destination Data


  • Parking Data


  • Intersection Turning Counts


  • Queue Lengths


  • Identification of Vehicle Types


  • Alternate Route Identification


  • Speed and Travel Time

Alternate Route Identification

Study area laid over GoogleEarth Image

PSS Traffic Study Capabilities



Tracking vehicles from a predetermined starting location (origin) through a target area and to a predetermined ending location (destination).  This process can work both ways Orig -> Dest and Dest ->Orig.  During travel time the route taken can be documented through Waypoint markers and recorded by analysts.  This can provide metrics for the most common routes taken between any two origins and destinations


Turning Movement Counts

Vehicles are tagged and tracked through target intersections with data such as lane position and direction documented for all tagged vehicles in multiple directions.


Volume Counts

Vehicles can be tagged and tracked providing volume metrics for targets areas defined by the customer.


Classification Counts

Vehicles can be tagged for analysts to rapidly determine vehicle type and color.  Analysts record those metrics for a target area defined by the customer.


Traffic Light Queue Lengths

Analysts are able to determine the amount of vehicles that make it through a single light cycle over a given period of time at target locations.  This can be valuable when addressing traffic congestion in or around target areas.  Metrics can be provided by analysts to represent intersection queue lengths over an extended period of time.


Vehicle Speed and Travel Time

Analysts are able to track vehicles over a predetermined stretch of road and use iView software tools to provide average speed metrics of vehicles.


Study Outlines and Tracked Vehicles in PSS Imagery and Software

Study area laid over PSS HawkEye II Imagery

Intersection Turning Movement Counts and Queue Lengths

Study area laid over PSS HawkEye II Imagery

Custom Designed Traffic Studies

Study area laid over GoogleEarth Image

PSS Traffic Analysis is often in partnership with Skycomp Aerial Traffic Observation, Data Collection and O-D Studies.

Traffic Pattern Analysis

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