The High Cost of Crime

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Despite a recent drop in crime, our cities is still face overwhelming problems.  Most major cities have between 20,000 to 100,000 crimes per year.  That is a staggering 75 to 300 crimes per day!   These rates impact every aspect of our communities; it makes people feel unsafe, it tears our families apart, cripples our neighborhoods, and destroys the business environment.   Jobs are lost, property values plummet, and hope disintegrates.


Our mission at PSS is to help restore a sense of security by assisting law enforcement and public safety departments reduce crime.    We are confident in our belief that when crime is reduced, the effects of crime can be reversed and that neighborhoods can be restored to vibrancy.


Below is a sample of the crime statistics for our home town of Dayton Ohio. To see crime statistics for your community there is a link below.

The High Cost of Crime

Can the cost of crime and its impact on society be used to  justify the use of surveillance systems?


This presentation brings together information that - while readily available to the public - is often overlooked when discussions about public safety and law enforcement systems take place in public forums.


The author has brought the information together in a manner that allows the reader to come to his/her own conclusion about how crime impacts the livelyhood of a community.  



Want to know how your city stacks up?   

This is a bloom map of crimes occurring in Dayton during 2012 - 2103.   Each orange indicator marks the location of the crime.  The crimes are clearly clustered or concentrated.  This type of analysis is important to understand where safety resources need to be applied to build safer communities..

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