PSS provides customized services to meet your Wide Area Surveillance needs.  Whether it is for supplemental analysis services or for a turnkey operation, we are here to help.
PSS TurnKey Services
Whether you need limited assistance or a complete package, PSS can design a plan for you.


PSS provides outstanding products and services to meet your mission requirements. Whether you need supplemental analyst services for a limited time or a complete turnkey solution that covers everything, we are there to help.  Contact us for more informaton or see us on the GSA schedule.


One call, and PSS delivers a week, a month, a year, or more of highly effective services, all within your budget constraints. You simply pay for the hours you need and PSS supplies the rest.


And we mean it. For airborne Wide Area Surveillance services, PSS provides the aircraft, the sensors, and depending on the services you select, the communications package and analysts to get you the results you’re looking for.


We don’t stop at airborne either. Ground based surveillance is a complete package too.

Just What you Need
Budgets are tight or your needs may be temporary.


Budgets are tight and your needs may be temporary. Events like crime spikes, natural disasters, special events, or even a need for data to support economic development activities can spring up without warning.


To implement a system with the capabilities to monitor these events can take an unacceptable amount of time and budget to get in place and often, when it is, the requirements have changed and the solution is no longer as effective as you wanted.


Here’s where PSS Services can help. For a manageable fee, PSS will deliver their capabilities, in the quantities you want—and can afford—for the duration you need. It’s as simple as that.


And PSS brings their full system and capabilities. You get what you want, what you need, when and where you need it. Call us today to find out more about our services!

Typical Wide Area Surveillance Service Applications
Many Wide Area Surveillance uses exist, here are a few examples:


Officer Support

Provide support to police, investigators, and other agents with live and recorded Wide Area Motion Imagery to assist them in carrying out their mission.  Monitor gang networks, drug houses, spikes in crime, and violent crimes patterns.


Event Security

Provide customers with affordable, high-resolution, Wide Area Motion Imagery services and solutions to meet their security and traffic flow needs.  Improve concession sales & fan experience by getting them into the venue quicker.


Emergency Response

Quickly assess the breadth and width of damage so more efficient response plans can be developed.  Vector limited resources to known locations to recover victims or to secure areas quicker.


City Planning, Traffic Pattern Analyis, Traffic Impact Studies

Monitor traffic flows, better understand traffic volumes and pathways.  Monitor access to and from key city locations.


Pipeline Patrol and many more.

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