PSS offers fixed and airborne Wide Area Motion Imagery Sensors and Support Systems.
A system is only as good as the weakest link.  That's why PSS strives to design systems that work together all the time, regardless of the environment.


PSS writes the software and builds  the support components to ensure the systems are ready when they are needed.  


This includes the image processors, storage centers,  data communicataions, command centers, and mobile command vehicles.

Ok - so you have a large area to you need to monitor - AND - you don't want to (nor have the budget to) install hundreds of ground based cameras to accomplish the task, then VISION-RL is the solution for you.  

VISION RL is a highly capable and highly configurable ground based wide area surveillance system.  In its base form, VISION RL persistently monitors areas larger than 17 km² with resolutions that give decision makers the advantage they need.

Airport Manager

"We have 27 ground based cameras covering the airport and they never seem to be pointing in the right direction when I need them. ”    VISION RL eliminates this problem by providing wide area surveillance coverage over the entire airport.  

When it comes to providing maximum information to the people on the ground, HawkEye II and NightHawk sensors and systems perform the mission.


Whether covering natural disasters, border areas, key infrastructure like ports, refineries, or pipelines, or large public events, the combination of HawkEye II and NightHawk are there to provide 24 hour coverage.  


Discover how you can use these tools to improve your situational awareness and return better results than ever before.

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PSS designs and builds professional surveillance systems for professional organizations.


Our mission is to bring highly capable and reliable systems to the table at price points that are affordable for the broadest possible market.


PSS also builds custom solutions.  Contact PSS for more information.

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