Pipeline Patrol

PSS Pipeline Patrol provides cost effective monitoring of pipelines and energy distribution systems laid over long distances to detect threats that can affect the integrity of the system.

Persistent Surveillance System's Pipeline Patrol service is ideal to help you meet CFR Part 192, 193, and 195 Pipeline Integrity Management Requirements.   The HawkEye II sensor is able to fly at different altitudes and for extended distances / durations (up to 10 hours per mission) to ensure system integrity.  PSS systems are well suited  for Ground Movement Monitoring and Intrusion detection.   



  • 1.5 km x 1.5km image every second


  • 30-50 images of a given location


  • High resolution zoom - NIIRS 8


  • Real-time Geo-orthorectification - Data processed and ready to view with GPS coordinates in real time.


  • Immediate GoogleEarth integration


  • Easy overlay of shape files - Roads, Streets, Addresses, Railroads, pipleines, etc...


  • Onboard, remote, and after the fact analysis

Low Altitude Operations - August 14, 2014    1000 ft AGL  Zoomed Out Image    1 mile length.

Electronically zoomed from previous image 1000ft AGL  August 14, 2014 - one of 50 images taken.

Construction Site Identified Near Pipeline  (green line)



  • PSS can fly 11,000 miles of pipeline in twenty - 5 hour missions.


  • Will generate about 10 tb of data


  • PSS storage array can store up to 200 tb, roughly 10 months of data without compression.


  • The PSS 200 tb storage array will hold 300 sets of complete data or roughly 25 years of data for the entire 11,000 miles of pipeliine when data is compressed to 3 images per site


PSS can customize a solution for you!



PSS brings everything to the table to make its Pipeline Patrol service easy to use including the aircraft, pilot, sensor, and the systems necessary to give you the results you want and need.


Drawing from over eight years of experience in the wide area sensors business, PSS has the ability and the know how to optimize your mission to get the greatest coverage and detail for your dollar.


Our prices are often 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of in-house or other providers.


That's because our sensors can see more, record it all, and fly low cost manned aircraft for longer durations than helicopters or drones.


Contact us to have a discussion about how we can meet your your needs both technically and within your budget.



Pipeline Patrol

Complete, turn-key solution utilizing Persistent Surveillance Systems HawkEye II wide area surveillance sensor and matched components.

PSS Pipeline Patrol service includes everything required to meet your objectives.


Have an in-house solution?   PSS's Pipeline Patrol service can reduce your costs and your headaches by providing a simple $ / mile of pipeline model.


Call for a quote, you will be surprised at how competitive PSS's Pipeline Patrol service is.


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