NightHawk I    MWIR

NightHawk I provides nightime, wide area surveillance capability with persistent coverage of areas as large as 4 square kilometers.
  • IR: Large format MWIR focal plane array

  • EO Option:  Large format CMOS visible sensor

  • Matched footprints, high quality lenses

  • Industry standard command and imagery data interfaces

  • Wide area, step-stare operation

    • 180 x 110 degree unobstructed Field of Regard

  • Integral GPS/INS for accurate geo-position

  • Rugged design based on proven CA-270 tactical sensor for U.S. Navy F/A 18

  • IR:  4km2 at < 0.5 m GSD

  • Visible:  4km2 at < 0.25 m GSD

  • Revisit Rate:  1-4 Hz

  • Coverage Rate:  > 57,000 km2 per hour

​The NightHawk I Wide Area Surveillance system integrates seemlessly with all HawkEye II components including Image Processor, Data Links, Image Presentation and Storage Server, and iView.

The NightHawk / HawkEye family of  sensors bring a 24 hour monitoring capabilty to Wide Area Surveillance.


Analysts can easily switch from one sensor to another using the same tools and techniques.

NightHawk I    MWIR

NightHawk I
Dual Band CA-247 Sensor
CA-247 Gimbal
Typical CA-247 System Performance

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