Law Enforcement Support

PSS provides systems that help law enforcement fight spikes in crime, identify criminal networks, and overcome lack of information to solve more crimes.

Persistent Surveillance System's affordable HawkEye II Wide Area Surveillance Service gives law enforcement a highly capable tool to help them fight crime spikes, gangs, drugs, and other criminal networks.   Used only when needed, departments aren't faced with the cost of ownership but get all the benefits of having a turn-key service at their disposal at the time it is needed and only for the duratuion required.

HawkEye II - Unmatched Capability

Whether your objective is to monitor a single intersection, several city blocks, or a whole city, PSS's HawkEye II gives the capability and the flexibility to meet your mission requirements.


PSS's HawkEye II is a highly flexible system that can either work solo or integrate with your existing assets like ALPR's, Ground Cameras, or airborne camera balls to broaden the depth and quality of information you need to make the decisions required by the situatuion.


HawkEye II.  An Affordable, Capable, and Flexible system.  Available as a Service or to add to your crime fighting Assets.


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HawkEye II

Unlike standard surveillance where you're piecing together human intelligence, ground base cameras, and witness statments - many times either non-existent or un-reliable, PSS HawkEye II can show you everything that has happended and track the suspect(s) where they go.


Here, a suspect is tracked to and from the three locations he robbed.

Crime Concentraions in a typical mid-west city.  HawkEye II can monitor these areas with ease.


PSS brings everything to the table to make its Law Enforcement Support service easy to use.


We bring it all including the aircraft, pilot, sensor, and the systems needed to give you the information you need to solve the problem.


Drawing from over eight years of experience in the wide area sensors business, PSS has the ability and the know how to optimize your mission to get the greatest coverage and detail for your dollar.


And our prices are reasonable.   You pay only for what you use.


That's because we place our HawkEye II sensors on economical fixed wing aircraft as opposed to costly helicopters.  Not only that, our sensors see more - up to 25 square miles for up to 8 hours at a time.  Affordable, Capable, There when you need it.  HawkEye II - the wide area surveillance solution.


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Complete, turn-key solution utilizing Persistent Surveillance Systems HawkEye II wide area surveillance sensor and matched components.

PSS Law Enforcement Services include everything required to meet your objectives.


Have a Crime Spike?  Criminals on the run?   Gang or Drug Networks you need to shut down?  Do you have limited manpower and/or limited intelligence assets?


PSS can help - and fast.


Contact PSS for a quote - so you can be ready when it is needed.

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