iView Analyst Toolkit

iView is an incredibly easy to use tool for Wide Area Surveillance image exploitation. 

 iView Integrated Imagery Viewer

  • Incident Locator - Data Base Interface Tools for Locating an Area of Interest and Coverage Overlaps

  • PSS Locate

  • Tracking Tools

    • Manual

    • Assisted

  • Investigation Data Base

  • Google Earth KML Outputs

  • Image Enhancement Tools


PSS Analyst Toolkit – The Right Tools to Exploit Captured Imagery.


In any profession, having the right tools makes all the difference. Whether you are a carpenter, a mechanic, or a doctor, tools designed to help you do your job are critical.


Image exploitation is no different. Tools to enhance the image are a requirement, as are methods and processes to use them. Tracking tools, reference tools, and information capture tools are what every Analyst needs to be successful.


Not content to just offer an impressive set of tools to the analyst, PSS has also designed the system to allow information from other sensors to be integrated as well. This allows the user to centralized data feeds into one system to maximize results.

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