Positive Impacts

HawkEye II Wide Area Surveillance systems provide the complete story of a crime.    

PSS works with law enforcement and city officials to develop mission plans that focus on high crime areas.  While many crimes may be observed in a single mission, the policies governing our police departments determine which are to be investigated.  Here are examples of operations over Dayton, Ohio.  


HawkEye II - Sample Investigations

​HawkEye II Wide Area Surveillance system tells the story of a crime. 

While conducting live Wide Area Surveillance operations over Dayton, Ohio, HawkEye II was able to support the Dayton Police Department in eighteen suspicious event investigations.  This brief shows how the system assist officers in filling in the information gaps of three investigations.   Investigations shown here are:


  • Triple Robbery

  • Burglary

  • Drug Investigation Support

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