Border Patrol


Monitor borders, transit routes, and border crossings

Disaster Assessment
Quickly assess the extent of a disaster

HawkEye II Wide Area Surveillance gives First Responders the information they need to determine the breadth and depth of a disaster.  With this information, Commanders on the ground are better able to coordinate responses, manage security, and monitor environmental impacts.


HawkEye II can also monitor evacuation routes, supply routes, and assist in vectoring other resources to victims more efficiently than ever before.


HawkEye II is a game changer.

Configured for Border monitoring, HawkEye II can monitor hundreds of miles of border with ease.  


With full color, 192 megapixel images ,covering an area up to 4 km deep and taken taken every second along a border up to 200 miles long, HawkEye II is able to see problems before they approach the border.


But more than monitoring borders, HawkEye II can also "watch" suspicious locations for out-of-the-ordinary traffic patterns.

Drug gangs, spikes in crime, and other events affect us all.  It causes neighborhoods to fail, property values to decline, and social ills that impact us all.


HawkEye II provides a set of tools to public safety departments that can help reduce and deter crime in a responsible way.  


HawkEye II can tell the entire story of crime,  providing the information investigators need to complete an investigation.   

First Responders need accurate, timely information to ensure they are able to bring victims to safety as quickly as possible.   HawkEye II gives them the information they need.


Supplementing exisiting tools, HawkEye II can identify victims on roofs, in rivers, or in fire areas and direct - or vector - air and ground assets to victims more efficiently.


HawkEye II Wide Area Surveillance improves response outcomes.

Public Safety


Assist in fighting spikes in crime and gang and drug violence.

Emergency Response
Detect victims, coordinate response more efficiently

HawkEye II

Wide Area Surveillance - Persistent coverage of areas as large as 64 square kilometers.

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