HawkEye II Wide Area Surveillance provides 1/2 meter resolution throughout its 64 square kilometer coverage area.  That allows analysts to monitor vehicles and people anywhere within an area of interest.

Resolution matters.  Without it, the value of a Wide Area Surveillancey system diminishes rapidly.  With it, the ability to provide real-time support and enhance successful outcomes improves dramatically.  HawkEye II  has 1/2 meter resolution throughout its 64 square kilometer coverage area.   This gives your team the ability monitor events on the ground wherever they are in the imagery.   

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HawkEye II is intended to see expansive areas wtih resolutions that allow users to detect movements of people and vehicles.  It does not provide the ability to detect gender, ethnicity, age, hair color, nor can it be used for facial recognition.   This is an inherent limit to Wide Area Motion Imagery.   If cameras get better - and they will - the same rseolution limits will remain in place, the change will be in the size of the coverage area.

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