HawkEye II Wide Area Surveillance systems can be delivered in two ready formats or customized to fit your needs

HawkEye II Universal Mount

Side look.  Mounts to rails, looks out baggage door.


The HawkEye II Wide Area Surveillance System Universal Mount is a highly capable system that can be rapidly placed in a suitable aircraft for either WAMI continuous monitoring or for border surveillance.


The basic mount includes the HawkEye II sensor, an Inertial Measurement Unit, and a two axis Gimbal.  Options for the system include a 300 mbps air to ground data link and a mount for a single camera ball (up to 15").

HawkEye II Pod Mount

Look Down.  Lightweight, highly capable & configurable system.


This is our most feature rich mount system.   The MotoPOD Wide Area Surveillance System mount was designed for a Cirrus SR-22 but it can be easily modified to fit a variety of other aircraft (like AirVan) or aerostats.


The MotoPOD system is desinged to carry the HawkEye II sensor and optionally,  a 300 mbps air to ground data link, three 7" camera balls, two 10" camera balls, or one 15" camera ball in one package.  Total weight when fully configured is less than 350 lbs.

HawkEye II Custom Mount

Look Down.  Custom design to meet Clients specific needs.


PSS can design a Wide Area Surveillance System to meet your requirements, whether it means a custom mount, a different set of look angles, or any other combination of items your mission requires.


PSS is well versed in Rapid Design, Manufacture, and Test.   Contact us to learn more.


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