HawkEye II, design background, objective, and uses. 

HawkEye II Technical Overview

Ross McNutt PHd


This overview discusses the technical aspects that must be taken into account when designing a viable airborne wide area motion imagery system.   Many factors must be considered including pixels, target resolution, look angle, orbits, and altitudes.


Desiging the system is one thing but getting the data to the ground and storing it for later use is another.  This brief will go into more of the specifics.


HawkEye II - Wide Area Surveillance in Action

​Ross McNutt PHd.  

In this presentation, Dr. McNutt discusses a bit more about the Wide Area Motion Imagery Sensor and its capabilities.  He also provides some insight into different uses of the system from public safety, to natural disasters, to security for large sports venues.


Most users will have a number of assets in their inventory that they want to exploit when adopting a WAMI system.   HawkEye accomplishes this goal by integrating systems such as PTZ cameras, ALPRs, movement detection, and acoustic gun shot detection systems.

HawkEye II - Dayton Police Department Experience

​Richard Biehl, Chief of Police and Director.  

In 2013, the Dayton Police Department worked with PSS to examine the benefits of Airborne Wide Area Motion Imagery to community policing.  Chief Biehl presents the findings from this effort and develops the case for continued use of the capability.


Chief Biehl has been an outspoken proponent of Wide Area Motion Imagery and has presented his views to Public Safety representatives from Argentina, Brazil, eHonduras, Mexico, the Netherlands, Trinidad & Tobago, and other countries and U.S. states.

HawkEye II - Sample Investigations

​Wide Area Motion Imagery tells the story of a crime. 

While conducting live WAMI operations over Dayton, Ohio, HawkEye II was able to support the Dayton Police Department in eighteen suspicious event investigations.  This brief shows how the system assisted officers in filling in the information gaps in three investigations.   Investigations shown here are:


  • Triple Robbery

  • Burglary

  • Drug Investigation Support

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