HawkEye II Wide Area Surveillance brings a new capability to First Responders, Public Safety, Homeland Security, and City Planners by giving them the ability to monitor multiple areas of interest - simultaneously.

HawkEye II is a 192 million pixel, full color, geo and ortho rectified airborne wide area surveillance sensor.   When coupled with PSS's 300 mbps Data Link, Image Presentation & Storage Server, and iView - PSS's image exploitation software, it gives users a near realtime ability (up to 3 second delay) to view all events occuring in an areas up to 64 square kilometers.


To put this in perspective, think in terms of how much more efficient an emergency response to a major disaster would be if the entire extent of the damage could be seen in one, unifed view.  Critical, limited assets could be vectored to areas of need more efficiently, saving minutes or hours for victims needing critical attention. 

HawkEyeII can monitor multiple areas of interest simultaneously.

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