Our Focus

PSS provides unparalleled capabilities and support systems to customers it serves. Not content with providing pieces of a system, PSS designs and builds complete matched systems including sensors, image processors, support & management software, data communications, image storage devices, processes, and ultimately image exploitation command centers.

  • HawkEye II™ Airborne Wide Area Surveillance, 192 megapixel full color, EO, 12 camera system Pod and Universal mounts


  • Vision RL™ Fixed Wide Area Surveillance, 112 megapixel full color, EO, 7 camera system with spot camera integration

About PSS

PSS  develops highly capable, yet affordable, wide area surveillance systems for city, state, national, and international markets.
Who We Are
Products & Services

We know our success is based on our Customer’s success. To ensure Customer’s meet their goals, Persistent Surveillance Systems provides local and on-site training for image exploitation, mission planning, and system maintenance. Often overlooked, in our mind, this is what tips the balance between a system that works and a system that provides genuine results

In business since 2007, PSS has brought innovative systems to the Wide Area Surveillance marketplace. With a deep pedigree in military wide area motion imagery systems, its owner and Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Ross T. McNutt PhD. has developed the most complete & affordable system on the market today. 

“We're big enough to design and build innovative, game changing products but still small enough to work with you to ensure you get the system you need and achieve the results you expect.    Contact us for more information.  " 

Ross McNutt, President and Owner of PSS

Customer Commitment

At PSS, everyone is a key member of the team. Everyone contributes to our success.


Please feel free to contact us for more information about our products and services and applications for them

Authorized Resellers

When not selling direct, PSS has authorized the following resellers to conduct business in a target market.   Contact PSS for more information.  


Honduras:  PSS Honduras LLC

Mexico:  Fraction Air S.A. de C.V



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